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Honour RPG 2nd Edition

Imagine Asian Horror written by Joss Whedon, directed by John Woo with swords & sorcery, demons & dimensions, clans, factions & YOU!

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Honour 2nd Edition

This is 2nd Edition Honour, sleeker, faster, better!

Honour 2nd Edition,based on Honour (1st edition) is Nine Dragons RPG‘s unique and original role-playing game.

Honour 2nd Edition will offer access to both experienced RPGers and those new to the hobby.  Our brand new Clans & Factions mechanic gives players a simple way into the game, and GMs almost unlimited adventure possibilities as Demon Hunters clash with Government Agents and Ancient Societies try to protect, and spread understanding of, Sorcery and Sorcerers.

Honour 2nd Edition is set in a near-future world very similar to ours.  The mythos is based on the stories, tales, myths and legends of Asia.  Players play regular Hong Kong folk (and as an international city, that means they can be pretty much anybody they want) who start to become aware of the shadow world just adjacent to the regular reality of life.  This shadow world, or, as it is know in the game, The Spaces Between, is a place of chaos, fantasy, demons, imagination, Charmed Ones, adventure, solitude and madness . . . But that’s ok, to start with, just dealing with a missing cat will keep players entertained and on the edge of their seats.

The game can be accessed incrementally, start developing characters and playing through their everyday lives in the bustling mega cities of Asia.  Next, add a touch of combat to your game, fight that mugger, join that Triad gang.  Spice things up a bit with Demons and Charmed Ones as friends and foe.  Finally, add sorcery, tech development and inter-dimensional travel.  Or, if you are a hardened role-player, grab the book, digest the whole thing and leap into a complex and intriguing world of fantasy role play; just don’t expect Dwarves and Elves . . .

Honour 2nd Edition builds on the success of Honour 1st Edition.  Right now we are in the planning stage for this 2nd edition, pulling together the team who will make it great and sorting out the best ideas that have grown as a consequence of taking feedback from players and GMs.  Soon we start the complicated but exciting job of taking Honour 1st Ed apart and rebuilding it into the game we know we can and will deliver.

We’ve read the reviews and watched and listened to the feedback and this new edition will bring a faster, streamlined version of the innovative Honour combat system, retaining the popular “parry and riposte” element while making combat easier to run and track.  There will also be exciting new combat-specialisms for players to choose from, you wanted a round-house kick, you will get a round-house kick!


Clans & Factions will give players an immediate structure to plug into.

The game world developed by Hong Kong’s own master world-builder, Vishal Nanda, will be more cohesive and more comprehensive!

A new, cleaner layout.

Design and layout, for a cleaner, easier read.

Art, from our art director Mike Dukes and from other artists of great talent!


But that’s not all! Honour 2nd Edition will have improved:

Sorcery, giving players the choice of being natural or schooled sorcerers.

Character development, adding a slew of new templates to both the legitimate and illegal careers.


Honour 2nd Edition will offer more:
Weapons, including exotic and mythical weapons.

Inhuman, both Charmed and Demons.

Thrill, adventure, Asia, the meta-world & your living room!

Most of all Honour 2nd Edition will bring the thrill of adventure in Asia, the world and the Spaces Between to your living room, basement, game store or wherever you enjoy your RPGing.

It’s all about the game.



  1.  Coordinating the writing, editing, art and layout.  Luckily these areas will be undertaken by talented people that we have worked with before and with whom we have excellent relationships.
  2. Cutting content.  One of the things we want to do is slim down the book so that it is lighter once printed.  This means it costs less for us to print, giving us a greater scope for print options, making copies cheaper for customers to purchase and reducing shipping costs.
  3. Converting statistics to the improved systems.  Not a particularly fun job, but one which needs to happen.  Again, luckily we have the editorial team on hand to make sure everything gels in the end.


What is Honour 2nd Ed?

A. Honour 2nd Ed is a table top role playing game from the great city of Hong Kong.  It is based in Hong Kong and builds a world of mystery, intrigue and adventure around the myths, legends and traditions of Hong Kong, China and the wider Asian continent.

What will be different between this edition and the 1st edition?

There will be several systemic improvements to help game-play flow more smoothly and a ton of new skills, character templates, weapons, combat options and art!

What is "parry and riposte"?

Our combat system is special because it turns each individual conflict into an exercise in strategy and combat expertise.  In most systems you roll to hit and then deal damage.  In Honour 2nd Ed your exact type of attack is pitted against your opponents specific maneuver and the combination of those can give either combatant a vital bonus or a devastating penalty.  So as your opponent lunges aggressively forward you may have anticipated that and selected parry and riposte as your maneuver, meaning you get inside of their attack and can strike at them without any impediment.  See a video that explains more about the systems of Honour 2nd Ed here.

What is the stage one money for?

That will go to pay the writers, artists, graphics designers and layout experts who work on this 2nd edition.

Ok, what about the second stage money?

That will go to printing costs and distribution.

What's a role-playing game?

It is a formalised version of the "let's pretend" game from your childhood.  Basically the game provides you with a setting and rules to regulate player behaviour, then you assume a character and jump into adventure!  Another answer could be, the most (legal) fun you can have with a pencil and some dice!

Why Hong Kong?

We are based in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong has three main geographical areas, Hong Kong Island (the famous bit you see on postcards), Kowloon (the real life bit where most people live) and the New Territories (the countryside and the part connected directly to China).  Our name, Nine Dragons is the English translation of Kowloon, or Gau Lung.  Gau Lung = Nine Dragons.  We love the city and we love all of its culture, the ancient (demons, gods, sorcery, devils and dragons) and the modern (John Woo movies, Chow Yun Fat, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chun King Mansions and progress).  We wanted to create a game based in Hong Kong from Hong Kong for Hong Kong and the world.

Who are Nine Dragons RPG Ltd?

Dom Parry, owner, founder and lead designer.

Mike Dukes, Art Director, artist and design contributor.

Vishal Nanda, World Builder Extraordinaire

Associated Professionals

Rachel Lapidow (Editing and Proofreading); Guy Clarke (Combat Specialist, System Design); Amelia Sarif (Writing and Design); Mel Goody (Editing and Proofreading); Sammy Soza (Art, Layout and Graphics, Design); John Easly (System Design, Play-testing, US Convention Agent and Writing); and Tracy Sanders (Play-testing)

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  1. The money to fund the 2nd edition associated professionals.
  2. Cash for the new print run.
  3. People willing to review and/or play-test for us (this could be you).
  4. Further expansion of our super-cool peripherals, game aides, dice and minis!



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