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Dreams.Build LLC Celebrates the Launch of the World’s First Two-Stage Crowdfunding Platform


After a month long North American closed beta soft launch, Dreams.Build LLC announces today that it is shaking up the popular crowdfunding industry with the global launch of its new and highly anticipated Dreams.Build crowdfunding platform at  The feature-rich platform is the brainchild of Dreams.Build founder and CEO Dakota M. Gallimore and is designed to unite innovators or entrepreneurial dreamers and their projects with eager backers, known as sponsors–all within a unique online infrastructure.









Making our branding accessible is essential to help project creators pre-market, which you should totally be doing by the way! We’ve bundled all of our branding assets into a single easy to access download or individual downloads.


We’ve packed all of the logos into one tidy download, we’ve even included a brand manual that gives insight into not only our logo and how to use it, but our company as a whole.



Download Brand Assets (20MB)




Branding Do’s and Don’ts



  • Use our branding material and logo to promote your current, upcoming, or previous Dreams.Build project.
  • Follow the brand guidelines in using our logo


  • Stretch our logo or other branding materials. Our logo doesn’t like being outside its comfort zone
  • Use our logo to convey in any manner a partnership between you and Dreams.Build
  • Use our logo for nefarious intentions or to mislead consumers