Ignite your dream in six steps

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Start Your Dream Icon

Start your dream

This is the spark that ignites your dream. Fine tuning, brainstorming, execution–fundamental necessities to move from an idea to a dream, a project. Before even thinking about a crowdfunding platform, iron out the wrinkles, reassess your goals and determine your best fit in the crowdfunding space.


Grow Following Icon

Grow following

Chances are if you’ve come to Dreams.build, you did so from another website and are fully immersed in social media. If not, there’s no better way to grow a following of passionate advocates than by engaging in social media.  The goal here is to establish a presence for yourself as well as that amazing idea of yours that will soon gain traction as a dream, showcased ideally right here on Dreams.build.  So get out there and start the conversation!


Launch Project Icon

Launch dream

Ok, so you’ve been talking up your idea via social media and have a modest following. It’s time to go live, and what better place to lift off from than on the Dreams.build platform? Review your game plan, keep everything timely and enjoy the ride!


Get Funding Icon

Get funding

Your dream is riding along quite nicely and you’ve adjusted course to head for the finish line.  Stage one is in the rearview mirror, and  you’re right on schedule for stage two–the period where funds generated earlier in stage one are applied for the home stretch. The flags at the finish line are now in sight!  The dream funding period closes and you take receipt of your funding amount from stage 2. (Don’t forget to account for marketing costs and any taxes applicable in your region.)


Go To Market Icon

Go to market

Your middle name is “success” and you are basking in the glory of yet another successfully-funded Dreams.build project.  Time to ensure all sponsor requests and obligations are fulfilled and get this dream to market. Afterall you wouldn’t be standing on the first place podium without the generous support of those sponsors. Nurture that crowd and look for connections that can be valuable in taking your project beyond the boundaries of the initial crowdfunding.  The sky’s the limit!


Profit Icon


Profits are measured in more than monetary units.  And while there can never be any guarantee that your successfully funded dreams project will put you on the plus side of the accountant’s ledger, we hope you will bask in the pride that inevitably comes with a successful journey via Dreams.build; the knowledge that you’ve grown the seeds of an idea into a dream and into reality–and helped others across the world via the charitable funding that  is the hallmark of the Dreams platform.  Keep pushing forward, seek your financial gain, but know that you’ve become a very special participant in a revolutionary movement to change the world for the better.



This is the crowdfunding process summed up in six quick points! If you want to learn more about what you should do to ensure project success drop by our guidebook, or FAQs! You can also talk to a crowdfunding expert by sending an email to support@dreams.build.