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Affiliates Program

Can I advertise that I’m a Dreams.Build affiliate?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to get the word out. We do request that you do not advertise as Dreams.Build and you must advertise that you are an affiliate and not an official Dreams.Build representative.

Can I select both plans as an affiliate?

No, you can not choose both plans as an affiliate. You must choose between either the Kickback or the reduced commission rate as your affiliate plan.


I do not like the charities you are using. Can I select my own?

Not at this moment, however, we do select charities based on feedback from our community. If you have a charity you would like us to consider, let us know in the Forums or by way of our support page.

Where can I go to see your charity donations?

We have a few locations where you can view our charity donations. Before we give to a charity, you will be able to see our charity ticker at the bottom of our homepage, which automatically calculates the amount from funded projects in a month. This resets each month but can be used to check our donation numbers for the current month.
We will be making a blog post for each charity donation we make. If the charity for a specific month allows for digital verification, we will provide this as well.

How does the charity system work?

From the beginning, we wanted the system to be as unobtrusive as possible for our users. 5% of our revenue will be donated to charities each month. This is based on  per month donations and, as such, will reset each month. This allows dreams that are successfully funded to make a difference in the world before their dream even hits the market.

How can we verify the Dreams.Build charity donations?

You can view our charity donations every month on our company blog. Within the blog we will provide any verification provided by the charity. We believe in transparency and will take all steps available to our company to ensure our donations are verifiable.

How do you select charities?

We gauge how our community responds to our charity donations and will look into multiple charities. However, all charities must conform to a few guidelines.

  • They must be a valid 501(c).3 nonprofit with a clearly defined mission.
  • The charity must have conducted, at a minimum, one year of operations.
  • The charity must also spend the majority of its donations toward their claimed cause then to administrative costs.

If the charity conforms to these guidelines we will heavily consider them.

Is there a limit to how much you donate to a charity per month?

Since our donations will be scaled based on our revenue per month we will not have a limit. If we have 500 dreams funded in a month or 100 dreams the donations will scale accordingly.

Do unsuccessful projects still donate towards charity?

An unsuccessful project will not contribute/donate towards charity. Keep in mind donations are based on received revenue from our commission rate of 5% from funded projects.


I do not have an account with; can I still comment on the forums?

No, you must have an account with us in order to comment in the forums. You can, however, browse the forums without an account.

There are unwanted comments (harassment, spam, etc.); how do I get rid of them? Or report them?

In the top right corner of the comment there will be a button stating “REPORT.” Click this and follow the onscreen prompt. We will then review the report and see if the comment breaks our rules.

Something is wrong, I can’t make new posts or threads.

You may have been flagged by multiple users or by our moderators. Contact us using our support page. We will be happy to help.

I made a typo on one of my posts! Can I edit after posting?

Of course! You can edit your post by clicking “EDIT” in the top right corner of your post.

Can I use the forums to promote my crowdfunding project?

Absolutely! Finding the right audience can be daunting. Now you can find your target audience from a subset of those interested in crowdfunding projects. We’ve created a whole section dedicated to nothing but crowdfunding project promotions. Please keep your promotions in this thread, or they may be taken down or re-positioned into this thread by a moderator.

What are the Forum rules?

You can view the  forum rules here. Please note the rules are subject to change at any time.

Why does Dreams.Build have a forum while other platforms don’t?

We believe that having a forum where our community can congregate will allow for new and intuitive ideas to spring to life. When you’re a family of innovators it’s always a great idea to bounce ideas around. Forums are a great venue for this social interaction.. We also like to think of the forums as a way for the community to interact outside of just comments on a project page or updates by an innovator but a way innovators to get to know their sponsors and fanbase.

I have an account with Dreams.Build. Do I need to create a separate one for the forums?

Nope! You only need one account to access everything on our site. If you post in the forums people are linked back to your public profile on the platform and not a forum specific profile.


What is the terminology of the site?

Below is a list of all of the terminology and how it relates to the crowdfunding industry:

  • An Innovator – Someone who creates and hosts a project on our site
  • A Sponsor – Someone who donates to a project on the site
  • Sponsoring – The act of contributing to a project
  • A Dream – This is what a crowdfunding project on our site is called
  • An Incentive – What an Innovator can offer Sponsors for sponsoring their dream
  • Two-Stage Funding – What we call our funding model and how dreams will receive funding on our site
  • Guidebook – Our hand crafted advice for creating and sponsoring dreams
  • Concept board – This is the dream creation area where you will add and edit your dream before it goes public
  • Dream Needs – A list of expenses that you seek funding for

What Funding models do you offer?

We offer a single funding model we call Two-stage funding. We’ve taken the tried and true “All-or-nothing” model and improved upon it to better attain stretch goals. We’ve split the funding period of projects on our site into two stages, the first stage or “Goal funding” will be a “All-or-nothing” type of funding stage. This means if you do not reach your set funding goal by the time stage one ends the Innovator will not receive any funds and the Sponsors cards will not be charged. If the dream raises enough money by the end of stage one, the Innovator will receive the funds from stage one, Sponsors cards will be charged, and the dream will progress into stage two. In stage two, funding changes so that money raised during this period will be retained by the Innovator– even if the goal is not hit in the stage two funding period. After stage two (or stage one if funding is not achieved), the dream will be out of the funding period and no longer able to accept sponsorships.

How do I delete my account?

In your user dashboard under the Account tab you will see “Delete my Account” button at the bottom of the page. Click this to delete your account.

I have a question not covered in the Guidebook or FAQs . What can I do?

You can reach out to the community on the forums if it is not platform specific, however, we are also on the forums to answer support requests. You can always reach out via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to receive advice or submit a support ticket here.

What does the Guidebook cover?

The Guidebook will cover best practices and what to consider when creating a crowdfunding project. It also will cover what Sponsors should consider when looking at projects to support.

How many categories do you have?

We currently have 25 unique categories for projects:

  • Animals
  • Art
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Comics
  • Community
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Education
  • Food
  • Games
  • Health/Medical
  • Music
  • Open Source
  • Personal
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Science
  • Space/Outer Limits
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Theater
  • Video and Media
  • Writing.

Why do the categories in the footer keep changing?

In an effort to not place bias over specific categories, the project categories in the footer will randomly change on each page load.

Where is your support page located?

You can find our support page here. You will be able to submit a ticket to our team for help.

How can I view my profile or that of another participant?

You can view your public profile by going to your user dashboard and clicking on “View public profile” next to your name. You can view another person’s public profile by clicking on their name on the project cards, or their name on their project page and forums.

Where can I review the Guidebook?

You can review the Guidebook here.

What are project creators and backers called on

Project creators are called Innovators and their projects are Dreams. Those that contribute to projects are Sponsors.

I’ve mistakenly deleted my account! Can I recover it?

Unfortunately, no. For your protection, your account is automatically wiped from our servers upon account deletion.

What payment processor do you use?

We use Stripe to handle all payments. Their processing fee is 3 – 5% on transactions. You can read their terms and conditions here.

What is

We’re the first Two-Stage crowdfunding platform, but most of all, we are a family of innovators. We’re built by innovators like yourself who share a commitment to make the world a better place.. We’re also the first crowdfunding website taking a very new approach by allocating 5% of our revenue to well established and deserving charities.

Can Dreams.Build be used to fund anything?

Dreams are endless possibilities. can host any dreams that have  clear definitions such as books, games, or movies and that are launched with a commitment to become reality.

What are the platform fees?

The platform is free to use. We have a commission of 5% plus credit card processing fees on all funded projects. There may be an additional 2% fee applied to specific project donations if currency conversion is involved.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking “Sign up” in the upper right corner in the platforms navigation bar.

I’ve forgotten my password; how do I reset it?

When you are in the login window you should see “I forgot” click this to start the password resetting procedure.

What if I don’t want to link my account to a social network?

We respect your privacy–you do not have to link any social accounts. You will lose out on social features like “Projects that your friends have backed” but you can create an account by providing your email and setting a password. No social media account is required.

I’m new to crowdfunding; do you provide any material to help beginners?

We do! We provide a guidebook for innovators (project creators). The guidebook also has a section for Sponsors, as well. You can check our blog for posts that will cover specific crowdfunding topics. We also have a community hub where you can ask questions to crowdfunding experts all around the globe.

Launch Specials

Are there any limits to these launch specials?

Yes, we limit the commission free projects to the first 20 successfully funded projects who have a funding goal over $5,000. We also limit our T-shirts to the first 100 successfully funded projects over $1,000.

Are you offering any launch specials?

You betcha! We have two exclusive launch specials. We will provide commission-free projects net any credit card or currency conversion fees and offer exclusive launch T-shirts!


Do you keep any information from my account if I delete it?

No, in order to protect user data we will delete any and all records if you delete your account with us. This will not delete your account with our payment processor, Stripe, or any information you have shared with them.

Do you keep my credit card information on your servers?

No, all credit card information is handled securely by our payment processor, Stripe. You can read their terms and conditions here.

What do innovators see when it comes to my information?

When you sponsor a dream they will not see any of your information aside from your name and donation amount in the Sponsor tab of their dream. When the dream becomes successfully funded they will have access to your shipping address in order to fulfill any incentives you have selected. They will also see which incentive level you have chosen.

Do you sell or share any of my information to third-parties?

No, we do not sell user information to any third-parties. We do share information with our payment processor in order to process payments on projects. We are also partnered with Nuuk-Digital but this service is purely optional.

What information do you store on users?

We do keep personal information to help us provide service to you and run support.

Two-Stage Funding

What is Two-Stage funding?

Two-Stage funding is a new way for crowdfunding projects to receive funding. We’ve split the funding period for projects into two different stages. The first stage is “All-or-Nothing” which means an Innovator must hit their goal in order to be successfully funded and receive any money, but to also progress onto stage two. Stage two is geared towards stretch funding, which allows Innovators the ability to keep the funds raised in the second stage. This will allow Innovators to start work immediately on their dream while still funding on our platform.

How is Two-Stage funding handled?

Think of each stage as it’s own funding period. This means any donations received in either stage are only applied to that stage. If you make a donation in stage one, it will not carry over to stage two. This means Sponsors will only be charged for the stage in which they commit funds.

What are the benefits to two-stage funding over other platforms?

Two-stage funding provides numerous advantages by being more centered around project success and stretch goals. By having the “All-or-Nothing” stage first, two-stage funding protects Sponsors from losing money to projects that do not acquire sufficient funds necessary to make their dream a reality. By having a secondary funding period, Innovators are protected against Sponsor issues by having another stage to recoup funds–if they are unable to obtain a large Sponsor donation. Innovators will also be able to commence their dream projects faster with two-stage funding. This is because Innovators receive any money raised from Stage one as soon as stage one is over. Innovators may enhance their stage two sponsorships by applying funds acquired from stage one and applying them during stage two.

How do you calculate the charity donations using two-stage funding?

With Two-Stage funding, we add to our charity donations at the end of stage one and stage two. If a project finishes stage one at the end of a month, then the charity donation will go for that month and any funds raised in stage two will be added to the charity donation in the month that stage two finishes.

Why is funding split into two stages?

We split funding into two stages for numerous reasons. Having two stages of funding offers greater security for  Sponsors and Innovators. It also gives Innovators more freedom in how they structure their funding. It simply makes sense to have multiple stages of funding in crowdfunding when implemented correctly.

Innovator Questions

Digital Files

Why do you allow digital files?

We allow digital files because we recognize not all projects are the same. Digital files seems to be the most appropriate for the digital environment of crowdfunding.

Are there any restrictions to digital files?

Yes, all digital files you provide must directly relate to your dream. You will not be allowed to provide any digital files that do not relate to your dream. If we detect any illegal or harmful material being offered through your dream page, we will remove the material and remove your dream from the platform with a written notice.

Do my digital files stay after my project closes?

We will keep Digital Files for three months after your dream has finished funding if it is successful. Otherwise we will remove the files from the project after funding.

How many digital files can I have per dream?

There is no limit to how many files you can provide to your Sponsors. We advise you keep this number under ten to ensure users can find the files they need.

Do you scan digital files?

Yes, we take user security very seriously and will take efforts to scan all new digital files on our platform. All files will be automatically scanned upon uploading and also reviewed in a sandboxed environment by Dreams.Build.

How do digital files differ from incentives?

Digital Files differ in the fact that they are free to anyone who visits your dreams funding page. We do not lock digital files behind a paywall like Incentives. This allows Innovators to provide marketing materials to users who can not contribute monetarily.


Is there a limit to how long my dream can raise funds?

You can set any time range you would like. However, we recommend keeping the funding period for each stage under 45 days per stage or 180 days for both stages combined.

How much of my funding amount will I take home?

When setting your funding goal for either stage you should add a 20% buffer to your funding amount. In the worst case scenario, the fees for your project will be around 15% of your funding goal. Our commission fee is 5% and our payment processor Stripe charges a 3-5% processing fee.

How do I communicate with Sponsors?

You can communicate with Sponsors by sending them a private message using the “Contact Me” Button on their public profile. You can reach their public profile by clicking on their name in the Sponsors tab. You will also be able to communicate with your Sponsors on our integrated forums. If you have been successfully funded, you will be able to see a Sponsors shipping address and contact information.

What do I do if there is an error on my dreams page that I can not correct?

Get in touch with our support team by submitting a support ticket at your earliest convenience. Provide detailed information about the error in your support ticket.

What happens if I miss the dates I have on my dream?

If you miss your first couple of dates fret not. Collect yourself and inform your Sponsors. If you constantly can not achieve your dates, Dreams.Build may step in and inspect the dream development lifecycle. If it is deemed you can not deliver on your dream you will be required to issue full refunds to your Sponsors.

What happens if a sponsor’s funds are unavailable or they remove their sponsorship after funding completes?

In the unfortunate case that a Sponsor’s funds are unavailable, you are not obligated to fulfill their Incentive until their funds are received. You may want to reach out to the Sponsor and inquire about the unavailable funds. If a Sponsor pulls their funds knowingly you do not have to fulfill their Incentives. They will not be allowed to issue a refund unless you fail to deliver on your dream.

Can I retry funding with the same dream?

Absolutely. We welcome you to try funding again. Many Innovators have had success by taking that which was learned from the first round and applying it to the second.

How does my dream become a trending dream?

The system will elect dreams to trend based off traffic levels generated to the platform.

How can I find or link people to my dream?

You can share your dream in numerous ways. If your dream is in a draft state, you can share the dream URL, and this will allow anyone with the link to see the dream before it goes live. If your dream is already live, you can still share the dream URL but we also have built in sharing buttons in the “Share” section of your dreams project page.

What are my responsibilities to my sponsors?

If you are successfully funded, you are responsible for fulfilling your promised Incentives to all of your Sponsors by the date you have specified on your Incentives.

Can there be multiple creators on one dream?

Sure, we allow for teams on our platform. If you’re by yourself just fill in the team information with your individual information. With or without a team, only one Stripe account can be linked to the account and project at a time.

When will I see funds transferred after being successfully funded?

Please allow up to seven days after funding closes to receive funds. If you have hosted a successful project on Dreams.Build or another platform that also uses Stripe as their payment processor you may see funds showing up in less than seven days.

How can I view a draft of my dream?

If you are creating the dream from scratch, you must save a draft before being able to view the draft. Anytime you make a change you will have to save the draft to be able to see the preview. The preview link will be at the top of the project creation form. If you are returning to a saved draft, the preview link will be displayed at the top of the project creation form.

How do I manage my Dream?

You can find all dreams you have created under the “Dreams” tab in the account dashboard.


I live outside of the United States, can I still use Dreams.Build?

Yes, you can still use Dreams.Build outside of the United States as long as you have a Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, or a JCB card. If you want to host a project you will need to have a Stripe account linked in a Stripe supported country.

Do you offer any benefits to nonprofits or charities who host on your site?

Not at this time. We are exploring the possibilities, however. Going forward we would like to provide benefits to nonprofits or charities, we welcome any ideas you may have on how to provide this!

Can a nonprofit/ charity use

Yes, we provide an array of categories as well as one dedicated to just charity. We welcome all nonprofits to use our platform and will work with them to ensure their experience on the platform is exceptional.

Can be used to fund anything?

Projects are endless in possibilities. With that said Dreams.Build can host any projects that have clear definitions such as books, games, or movies.

What are the platform fees?

The platform is free to use. We have a commission of 5% + a 3 – 5% Credit card processing fee on all funded projects.

Do I have to use the community hub if I have a project?

We’ve actually retired our community hub to but if we do reinstate the hub, No, we separate the community hub from the project page for this exact reason. We did not want Innovators who did not want to use the community hub to be negatively affected by their choice of our services. This way Innovators who want to leverage the community hub for their dream can and those who do not don’t have to.

Getting Started

How should I tackle the new two-stage funding for my project?

You should treat the first stage of funding as the normal funding period on any crowdfunding platform. If you become successfully funded in stage one you will have to deliver upon your project. In this regard, the ideal funding structure would be to use stage one to raise the bare minimum you need to make your project happen. Stage two is geared for stretch funding, where you can start applying funds received from stage one to get the ball rolling on your project without sacrificing funding. This presents you with an opportunity you will not have on any other crowdfunding and that is to directly apply funds raised in stage one to affect your funding on stage two. You can do this by providing project updates to your Sponsors on the progress you’ve made by using the funds you have raised. So stage one should be used to raise the minimum amount you need to fulfill stage one incentives and get your project to market. Stage two is all about stretch funding and allowing you to raise more money by building Sponsor confidence via updates and progress.

What should I concentrate on to ensure a more successful crowdfunding period?

To have a more successful crowdfunding period, we can not stress the importance of marketing before getting on a crowdfunding platform. This ensures you will not be overlooked in the sea of crowdfunding projects. To this end, you want to take your time and concentrate on creating professional marketing content for your project to be used in crowdfunding.

If you are already on a crowdfunding platform you can use analytics to pinpoint who is visiting your dreams page. With this you will be able to find your target audience and curtail your marketing material on your dreams page to better suit this audience. You will also be able to find out which social media strategies are performing better than others and focus more on what is helping.

Do I need a crowdfunding video?

While we do not require a crowdfunding video be used for your project we HIGHLY advise having one. Having a video will stimulate user engagement and create a personal touch for Sponsors. A video is so important that 80% of projects who do not have a video do not become funded!

If you’re having trouble structuring your video try these tips:

  • Keep the video between 2 – 3 minutes
  • Split the video into three parts
    • Intro: Introduce yourself and what your idea is
    • Middle: Describe what problem your idea is solving and why your idea is needed.
    • End: Detail how your idea is going to solve this problem and end with reintroducing yourself and your idea.

You can mingle the Intro and Middle up a bit if you want to describe the problem and then introduce the idea.
Have fun with the video, do not overthink it and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos.

What are the requirements to be an Innovator?

To be an Innovator you need to set up a Stripe account and verify your identity with our payment processor in one of the countries we currently support. You also need an awesome idea that needs funding!

Currently Supported Countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

What is the terminology of the site?

Below is a list of all of the terminology and how it relates to the crowdfunding industry:

  • An Innovator – Someone who creates and hosts a project on our site
  • A Sponsor – Someone who has donated to a project on the site
  • Sponsoring – The act of contributing to a project
  • A Dream – This is what a crowdfunding project on our site is called
  • An Incentive – What an Innovator can offer Sponsors for sponsoring their dream
  • Two-Stage Funding – What we call our funding model and how dreams will receive funding on our site
  • Guidebook – Our hand crafted advice for creating and sponsoring dreams
  • Concept board – This is the dream creation area where you will add and edit your dream before it goes public

What should I do before creating a project?

Before creating a project, you should sit down and compile all of the information covered in What do I need to get Started? as well as make sure your bank account is set up and linked properly. You should start thinking about stretch Incentives and planning for success. It’s good practice to outline a marketing plan before you create a dream so when your dream is created you have a marketing plan to follow.

What do I need to get started?

To get started you should have the essentials to your dream, which should include:

      • A video detailing what your dream is and what it does
      • A compilation of Incentives to offer Sponsors. We recommend layering Incentives for more adoption
      • A dream-tweet for your idea is in 140 characters or less. condensing your idea into this span will prove helpful in conveying your idea to Sponsors
      • Your dream story that serves as a place for you to go into the details about what your dream will do and accomplish
      • Dream Needs which will be a list of expenses for which you are seeking funding. Providing this will boost Sponsor confidence and help your fan base relate if unfortunately, delays occur
      • You will need to provide a thumbnail for the dream so when Sponsors are looking for projects they can differentiate yours
      • A funding goal for both stages of our Two-Stage funding model. The stage one goal should be set to cover your dream’s minimum expenses (make sure to cover fees and taxes!). The stage two goal should be set above your minimum, for any money raised in stage two.


Can I limit my Incentives to only my country if I don’t want to ship internationally?

Yes, we do not regulate if you want to ship domestically or internationally. You MUST alert Sponsors that your Incentives are only offered domestically or require additional funds for shipping overseas.

What do I do if I can not complete my dreams incentives?

Please inform your Sponsors and work with them to resolve any issues that may arise. If issues between you and your Sponsors can not be resolved, we may mediate. You may need to refund your Sponsor donations.

Is there a limit to how many incentives I can provide?

Nope, you may offer as many Incentives as you’d like. We recommend providing between five and fifteen Incentives.

Where can I get information to fulfill incentives?

When you have become successfully funded in either stage you will find a list of all your Sponsors and their information for fulfilling Incentives under the respective project within the “Dreams” tab in your account dashboard.

What Incentives are not allowed?

If it’s illegal or immoral, it’s prohibited. This is on a region by region stance. You can not offer an Incentive that would be illegal where we are headquartered (Virginia, USA) but also illegal in your home region/country.

Do I have to offer Incentives?

No you are not required to offer Incentives. We highly recommend offering a multitude of different priced Incentives to give your Sponsors options and value.


What is the turnaround time for Stripe to process funds??

Generally, it will take 14 days for Stripe to process funds. This may be less if you have used Stripe before.

People are having trouble sponsoring my project. What should I do?

Issue an update stating some Sponsors are having issues and and you are currently working to address the matter. Being prompt in this manner will save a lot of headache down the road and will also allow us to start working on the issue in a quicker fashion. Please contact us with a support ticket from our support page and we will work to help resolve the issue.

What should I do if an issue arises when receiving funds?

Contact Stripe and make sure it’s not on their end and if the problem is still not resolved, please reach out to our team as soon as possible by submitting a support ticket here.

If you are having trouble receiving funds from specific Sponsors, reach out to them before contacting us or Stripe. The issue could be on their end.

Who do you use as your payment processor?

We use Stripe as our payment processor for processing all payments on our platform. We are also actively looking into adopting PayPal in the future!


Do I need to submit tax information?

It is your responsibility to submit tax information to your regional tax laws. You should consult with your tax professional to determine if you need to file a 1099-MISC or any equivalent or other tax documents.

Will you send 1099-K tax forms?

No, Stripe our payment processor may send you a 1099-K form if your dream meets the 1099-K requirements of currently, $20,000 in gross volume per year and 200 or more transactions. You are responsible for reporting any taxes for your dream in compliance with your region.

Should I account for taxes in the goal amount?

Yes, you should account for taxes in the goal amount as a standard practice. Generally, funds raised on are considered income and are subject to income tax laws. This can differ based on region, however, so it’s worth taking the time to research and meeting with a tax professional.

Two-Stage Funding

Why does two-stage funding have different time periods for each stage?

When creating Two-Stage funding we wanted to allow different time periods for each stage giving Innovators the freedom to structure their funding to what works best for them. If an Innovator would prefer a longer initial stage and a shorter stretch stage they have the freedom to do so.

Why do stage one and stage two have separate funding goals?

The reason behind having separate funding goals is freedom. With Stage one, the goal is needed to determine how much you need to raise in order to make your dream possible. With the second stage, the goal is there for stretch funding. While it is not necessary to achieve your goal in stage two, it does allow Innovators to set a more optimal amount of what they need or what they could achieve with a higher goal amount.

Is there a time limit on either stage?

No, we do not impose a time limit on either stage. You can set either stage to be as long as you’d like. We recommend keeping the total funding period below 90 – 180 days (both stages combined), with Stage one being shorter than stage two.

Since there are two stages, when will I receive money after being successfully funded?

You will receive money after being successfully funded in two separate ways. Once when your project funding duration wraps up in the first stage and again after the funding duration wraps in the second stage. It’s important to note that you will only receive funds from stage one if you hit your funding goal in the funding time for that stage. You will receive funds in stage two even if you do not hit your funding goal by the funding time.

How is the Two-Stage funding beneficial for my idea?

By providing two stages of funding you will see benefits like greater funding security against Sponsor fraud, the ability to receive funds faster, and stretch funding. You can read our blog post covering this topic in detail here.

Sponsor Questions


If your crowdfunding project fails, what you should expect?

A project is considered as failed if you do not reach your funding goal within stage one. If your crowdfunding project fails, you will not have access to your sponsor’s information and you can expect it to be like a reset button where you can restart the project with a new launch date, goal, and approach. Don’t become discouraged though, most projects fair better on their second go around! We’d encourage you to take a hard look at what happened and return to crowdfunding having learned from the first attempt.

How much information will an Innovator be able to see about me?

If you Sponsor a dream that is successful, they will have access to your contact email and shipping information in order to fulfill Incentives. If the dream does not become successful, they will not have access to this information.

All users will be able to browse personal profiles and any information (Short bio, name, state) will be visible with or without sponsoring a dream.

How do I report an Innovator whose project, is breaking the law?

Please report all dreams and Innovators you believe to be breaking our Terms of Service or breaking the law. You can report a project by clicking on the “REPORT THIS DREAM” button at the bottom of the Incentives on the right side of the page. We do not tolerate anyone who uses our service to break the law and will investigate any reported projects.

I found a project I’d like to share on social media; how do I do this?

Yes, we encourage you to share the love! On every project page there will be share buttons in the share section under the project description. This will allow you to share the project on social media.

How do I talk to an Innovator?

You are able to send them a private message on the project page by clicking “Contact Me” under the Innovator’s name.

I don’t speak the language of the creators; is there a way I can speak to them? Do you provide translations of their project description, etc?

Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not provide translations of their project description. We do, however, provide language translations of the platform and private messages can be translated but project pages will not be translated to keep the creators original intent unaffected.

I’ve not received my incentive; what do I do? What does do?

First attempt to reach out to the Innovator. Most likely he/she simply ran into a small delay and is unable to deliver by the specified date. If all attempts have failed and you have sent us a support ticket. We will look into the matter and act as the middle man to resolve the issue.

Do I have to give personal contact information to the Innovators?

Yes, to receive the Incentive for which you paid, the Innovator will have to have access to your information. If a project does not reach their funding goal in Stage 1 your contact information will NOT be shared. Your contact information will ONLY be shared for successful projects.

What happens to my donation if a crowdfunding project is unsuccessful?

Nothing, if a crowdfunding project is unsuccessful, the dream will not receive any Sponsor money and your card will not be charged. You may notice a verification charge applied and refunded, however.

How do you ensure the authenticity of projects?

Before we approve any dream on our platform we personally check each project for authenticity. This allows us to cut down on scams and further investigate the viability of a dream. All Innovators will have to verify their identity with our payment processor before submitting their dream to our team.

How does sponsoring a project work?

When you are sponsoring a project, you’re essentially pre-ordering and helping the startup come to fruition. If you sponsor in stage one, it’s important to note that the project must hit its funding goal in order to be successful. If a project is successfully funded we will charge your card at the end of the funding duration and provide what Incentives you are signed up to receive to the Innovator. This allows the Innovator to start fulfilling Incentives as soon as they can. If you sponsored a project in stage one, the project will progress into stage two but we will provide the information to the Innovators and they will work to fulfill stage one Incentives even if it’s still funding.

Getting Started

What should I have on hand to sponsor a project?

What you would normally have on hand when making a purchase from an online store like Amazon. This includes payment and shipping information.

What do I need to know before sponsoring a project?

You should do your research into each project before sponsoring a project. What track history does the Innovator behind the dream have on the platform?. In what stage is the dream?  How viable is the dream if it becomes successfully funded? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking.

What do I need to do to become a sponsor?

All you need to become a sponsor is to back one dream on the site. Once you back one dream on the site, you will get a Sponsor tag on our public profile under your name so others can see you are a supporting member of the community.

Sponsoring dreams

I sponsored a project ,but I want to limit emails about it; can I do this?

Yes, in your account dashboard under the “Notifications” tab you can toggle an array of opt-in emails. This will let you customize exactly how you want to receive notifications from our platform as well as limit emails.

What do I do if I don’t receive my incentive?

Contact the Innovator behind the Sponsored dream. If talks between the Innovator and you do not resolve the issue. We will look into the issue and may issue a refund if it’s proven you did not receive your incentive. Please contact us via our support page.

Can I get multiple Incentives?

Yes, you will have to sponsor the dream twice to receive multiple Incentives, unless otherwise detailed by the Innovator on the dream page.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all payments supported by Stripe (our payment processor). Our supported cards are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, or JCB cards.

I chose the wrong Incentive or changed my mind; what can I do?

Contact the Innovator about choosing the Incentive. They will be able to offer you a refund or offer you another option for your Incentive change like donating ten more dollars to upgrade your Incentive.You can also reach out to us on our support page if contacting the Innovator does not work. We will work to resolve the issue.

Do innovators need to know who I am for me to sponsor a project?

No, anyone can sponsor a project even if you do not personally know the Innovator. If the project is successful, the Innovator will be given access to your contact and shipping information to fulfill your Incentive without delays.

Is Sponsoring a project, tax deductible?

No, we advise against using Sponsorship’s as a tax deduction. If you are Sponsoring a non-profit campaign, get in touch with the Innovator of the non-profit to inquiry about tax deductions. We recommend consulting with your tax advisor on all tax inquiries for your region.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged at the end of the funding stage you sponsor in. If you sponsor a dream in stage one, your card is charged at the end of stage one and not in stage two, unless you place a new sponsorship. If you sponsor in stage two, you are charged at the end of stage two.

How do I know that an Innovator will follow through on their promises?

It’s next to impossible to truly know if an Innovator will follow through on their promises, but the presentation of their dream is a sign of an Innovator’s seriousness. This is why most projects that have a video are 80% more likely to receive funds. If you feel like the Innovator has placed enough effort into his/her dream page to earn a sponsorship from you then it should be a safe bet.

What does it mean when a project is in stage one or stage two?

If a project is in stage one, they are currently in an “All-or-Nothing” funding method. They must hit their funding goal by the end of the funding time to receive any funds they have raised. A project will not progress to stage two if it is not successfully funded in stage one.

If a project is in stage two, a project has been successfully funded and you can view the second stage as stretch funding. This means, if you contribute in stage two, you are more likely to receive your selected Incentive.

Is there a difference to sponsoring a project in either stage of two-stage funding?

Not really, two-stage funding stays true to normal crowdfunding models while also improving them. Functionality wise sponsoring a project in either stage one or stage two does not have a direct difference. If you sponsor in stage one, note that if the project does not hit its funding goal, you will not be charged nor will you receive an incentive. However, if the project does make it to stage two, you will receive priority when incentives are filled. If you sponsor in stage two, where the project has been successfully funded, you will receive an incentive.

If I sponsor a project in Stage one, will I still get my incentive?

When sponsoring a project in Stage one, if the project hits its funding goal, yes and you may receive your Incentive before the project finishes funding in stage 2. This will be dependent on the Innovator’s dream timeline. Also, stage 1 sponsors have priority over stage two sponsors.

If I sponsor a project in Stage two, will I still get my incentive?

If sponsoring a project in Stage two, Yes. You can also assume the project has hit its funding goal and is hitting the market. This means in the absence of the Innovator’s failure to deliver on his/her project, you will receive your Incentive.

My card was charged, yet the project has not finished funding.

If the project has not finished funding, we may run a pre-authorization check on your card to ensure that when the time comes, you are able to fulfill your Sponsorship. This helps our system keep an accurate funding amount for projects and fight active fraud.

How will the Innovator deliver incentives?

It’s up to the Innovator to decide on how they want to deliver incentives. Once a dream becomes successfully funded, we allow the Innovator access to your contact information and shipping information. Please ensure your shipping address is up to date at all times.

I’ve sponsored a project that was unsuccessfully funded; what happens now?

If you back a project that is ultimately unsuccessfully funded, your card will not be charged, and it will not show that you sponsored the project. If the Innovator chooses to rehost the project you may re-sponsor it.

Do I need an account with to sponsor a project?

When you sponsor a project and are not logged in you will be asked to create an account with (us) during checkout.

What should I do if an Innovator is not delivering on their project?

Reach out to the Innovator if they’re not delivering on their project, sometimes delays happen and getting your Incentive may take longer than anticipated. If you have reached out to the Innovator and attempted to correct the issue, you can submit a support ticket, and we will attempt to contact the Innovator to ensure the issue is resolved.

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I changed my language and now it’s stuck!

You much clear your Cookies our platform. Specifically: googtrans, _gat, and _ga. By deleting these cookies you will remained logged into the platform but the platform’s language will be reset.

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