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Introducing Dedicated Crowdfunding Support

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Dedicated Crowdfunding Support


Did you know, on average only 26.3% of all crowdfunding projects hit their funding goal? That’s a problem. Of those projects, only a few actually make it to market. That’s a problem. Yet to solve this problem we must look at why these events are happening. It’s no secret that starting a business or crowdfunding project isn’t a cake walk. We’ve been there, we know. We understand issues that startups and crowdfunding projects are fighting, if we haven’t tackled it ourselves, we know someone who has.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding our dedicated support to give all projects a dedicated support manager. Giving our projects the upper hand in all aspects of crowdfunding is our goal and with dedicated crowdfunding support, we’re furthering this on a fundamental level. By having a project on our platform, our staff will work with you to create game plans, and tackle the highs and lows of crowdfunding. Helping you ride the ever-changing landscape of crowdfunding and consumer buying habits. 

Want a crowdfunding expert to review your project update or content? How about finding resources to push visibility or learn the best plan for utilizing our platform features? Starting today you can. Hosting a project today or having one already, will unlock your dedicated support manager who will reach out to you via email within 24 – 48 hours after you submit your project to our platform.

We also understand that if you’re seeking crowdfunding you’re seeking to fund not spend. That’s why we will be including this service in our commission fee. If you do not hit your funding goal, we do not take our cut. It simply makes sense. At Dreams.Build we treat your project as one of our own and we’re proud to stand behind you.

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Do you charge for dedicated support?

Nope. It’s included in our 5% fee. If you do not hit your funding goal, we do not get our commission.


I already have a crowdfunding expert, how will this benefit me?

That’s great to hear! We will work with your expert to make sure your project utilizes everything it can on our platform. We will also work closely with them to brainstorm new avenues for your project by combining platform and your expert’s data.


Do you handle media creation?

No. We can direct you to the best resources to accomplish what you need but we do not handle content creation.


What does this support cover?

Think of this support as dedicated consulting for your crowdfunding project. Your dedicated support representative will review your crowdfunding project to suggest changes. Analyze Funding and Analytics data to suggest improvements. Handle any and all support inquiries for you. Look at your social media plan and suggest improvements. Help manage your crowdfunding project. Look at your business plan and to help you scale based off crowdfunding demand. And lastly, be your returning support agent for any questions you may have post funding on crowdfunding. You’re like family and you should be treated as such. Just because you’re no longer funding on our platform doesn’t mean our support ends there, you will always be able to come back for answers to important questions you may face.


What about helping before being on the platform?

Great question, unfortunately at this time we do not offer dedicated support to users who have not submitted a project to our platform.

Have more questions? Get in touch on our support page or community hub!

Note: We are currently not accepting new projects. Please reach out to our support team for questions.Contact Us