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Dreams.Build LLC Ignites the Crowdfunding Space with Closed Beta Launch in 21 Countries

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va., Dec. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dreams.Build LLC announces that it is delivering an early holiday gift to supporters with the release of its closed beta crowdfunding platform today. The company says it will unveil the full spectrum of features to select users of the beta platform at and that it will encourage participants to put its flagship crowdfunding platform through its paces during the expected demonstration run of two to three weeks.

“This is the best way to not only reward our patient and loyal followers but to also test every aspect of the Dreams.Build functionality before we go live worldwide next month,” says Dreams.Build LLC founder and CEO Dakota M. Gallimore. “We want all dreamers to have a unique and user-friendly space to launch their dream projects. We aim to exceed their expectations with the Dreams.Build experience,” Mr. Gallimore adds.

Dreams.Build emailed its database of followers earlier this week offering them a “full range of the complete platform” within the closed beta and provided entry passwords for potential project creators and sponsors alike. Company management will be closely monitoring user project activities by way of the platform-integrated community hub while conducting load balancing and deployment to multiple countries and other tests.

Dreams.Build LLC also announces that it is providing a window into the startup crowdfunding platform for the press and reviewers next week.

The company promises full operational functionality for participants during the closed beta, including:

  • Integrated Community Hub
  • Digital Files
  • Global Support for 21 Countries/193 Currencies
  • Email Notifications
  • Private Messaging
  • Signature Two-Stage Funding in Demonstration Mode
  • Charity ticker in Demonstration Mode

At full live global launch scheduled for January 2017, Dreams.Build will stir up the popular online crowdfunding industry with a package of unique features not normally seen in this space, including Two-Stage Funding and Charitable Donations.

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About Dreams.Build LLC. Dreams.Build LLC is an innovative crowdfunding driven online platform dedicated to helping innovators fund and realize their dreams, making the world a better place through charitable support. Dreams.Build LLC’s first project is Dreams.Build.  Follow us on Twitter at and learn more at

About Dakota M. Gallimore.  Dakota M. Gallimore is the Founder of Dreams.Build LLC. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s College at Wise with a dual major in Software Engineering and Computer Science and is a former online editor of the school’s newspaper. Dakota has devoted his life to founding his charter company, Dreams.Build LLC, conducting exhaustive research into the burgeoning crowdfunding industry, building and launching his first standalone crowdfunding platform, Dreams.Build.

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