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Dev Update: Improved Digital Files, Facebook Pixel support, and more

| Crowdfunding

Our platform is consistently growing with new features and quality of life additions. Beginning today, project creators can limit digital files to just sponsors. Coming with these digital files improvements is Facebook Pixel support for all projects. Along with these additions, we’re excited to state that our projects are now displayed on the Crowdfunding Center. This gives projects on the Dreams.Build platform major visibility, rivaling established platforms.

Digital Files

Today we’re proud to announce a big improvement to our digital files.  Creators can now lock specific files to sponsors only. This allows creators to offer free digital files while requiring a project donation of any amount for more valuable files.


How this works:

When creating a new digital file to be associated with a project, simply click the “Allow Only Sponsors to download” checkbox to lock the file. A locked file will only be downloadable to users who have contributed to the dream.


Our platform will display locked and unlocked files to users as they view the project. Files that are not locked will be displayed as a normal digital file without the locked or unlocked identifiers.


With locked files, we look forward to giving project creators the ability to offer up closed betas for games or sponsor exclusive content. This is just the beginning of how we plan to improve features on our platform.


Facebook Pixel Integration

Today is the first day we officially support Facebook Pixel Analytics. The implementation for the Facebook Pixel is very similar to how our Google Analytics implementation is offered. You simply provide us with your tracking code (Pixel ID) when you create a new pixel on Facebook.

Once provided, we will do the rest, which allows you to start tracking page views and user demographics. This will help in remarketing efforts for your project by allowing you to target users who have already visited your project page with Facebook Ads.

Want us to support your favorite analytics provider? Let us know; we’ll start a discussion about it!


Projects linked to Crowdfunding Center

Projects hosted on the Dreams.Build platform will be posted to the Crowdfunding Center. The Crowdfunding Center is the world’s largest crowdfunding aggregator, collecting information on all projects sent to them for industry analytics and visibility.


What this means:

Your project benefit from your efforts as well as those from Dreams.Build and the Crowdfunding Center. This gives your project the visibility of a larger platform without losing out on the Dreams.Build advantages like Two-Stage funding. If you would like to know more about how our Two-Stage funding works on the Crowdfunding Center, please let us know on our Official Topic.

That’s all for this week! We look forward to sharing more information on exciting developments as well as offering up more crowdfunding articles in the future!


Until next time,

The Dream Team