What is dreams.build?

Dreams.build is the world’s first Innovation-driven crowdfunding platform.

Our ground-breaking platform is totally new–from the charity donations to the digital files, to the Two-Stage funding. It’s our commitment to push the envelope of the unimaginable into a new realm of possibilities by offering inventive tools to help you get the funding you need to realize your dream. The dreams.build experience is not only a crowdfunding platform but a community of innovators marching toward a better tomorrow, forging an ecosystem of success.


Our founding story

Charted and imagined on August 18th, 2013 by our founder, Dakota Gallimore.

“I have always dreamed about changing the world–to make a difference now and for the future. The mechanism to do that is what is now dreams.build.  Dreams has mass appeal.  It’s a place to bring your dreams and creative innovations while making a huge difference to our world. Like the human imagination, the possibilities with dreams.build are limitless. I seek to bring the community together, to create that feeling of comradery and friendship. When people work together, we can achieve the unthinkable.”



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Our Mission


Our mission is simple, to create the best-unified crowdfunding platform for everyone. An interconnected ecosystem for success. While also making a difference today and in the future.



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Why we’re different

Our revolutionary platform offers a vast feature set unseen in the crowdfunding space.  

Components include our proprietary charity donation model, integrated forums where Sponsors and Innovators actually meet, converse and build connected communities and followers. And no all or nothing here. Dreams.build provides the ultimate two-stage funding model. Did we say limitless? Projects are not confined to rewards.. Innovators can offer digital files to complement their dreams. These are just a few of the key features that make dreams.build the go-to platform for your crowdfunding needs.



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Our three promises

You retain 100% intellectual rights

It’s your idea, you nurtured, planned, and raised it from nothing to something, it should stay that way. However, we will have rights to promote and market your idea to help get you more visibility!

To provide the ultimate platform

We will stand behind our platform and feature sets as they grow. After all, it’s not just a platform; We’re a community, united for a more innovative future!

Charity donations that matter

We only donate to causes that are making a difference. With each donation, we make a blog post showing the amount given that month. As more projects come on to the platform and receive funding, Our charity donations will grow as well.