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Cold Brew Clash


Raised $835 USD

Dreams.Build reached out after being intrigued by my project. I ended up signing aboard because of its unique model. They are selective with their projects which is reassuring.

Dakota, and the rest of the team, really walked me step-by-step through the uploading, processing, etc. I loved the aspect of giving back, too. That is really what impacted me. Dreams.Build gives so much help to us Creatives, Dreamers, Self-Starters and Small Business Professionals and then created an algorithm to give back to charities.

Throughout our entire process it was so good knowing that by others helping me, my project was helping someone else.
Honour 2nd Edition


Raised $30,909.17 HKD

They walked the talk. They listened, they acted upon suggestions, they took the time to explain technical (and sometimes not so technical) gubbins that were beyond us. They put up with our use of the word gubbins!

When we decided to go with them it was a case of, "Go with KS because everyone does and backers are familiar with it, or go with DB because it sounds like they want to "do the right thing" and that feels significant."

So we acted on principal, and we get funded AND a warm fuzzy feeling.

Dreams.Build gets Nine out of Nine Dragons from us.

Our Dream

Our own dream is to create a platform that not only provides the means for obtaining project funding, but also helps those who for whatever reason are unable to pursue their dreams.

That’s why we have made a commitment to give 5% of our revenue to well established and well known charities around the world, every month.

We’re a family of innovators; come join us in changing the world for the better and making a difference today!


Percentage of Revenue to charities

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